SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running Shoe

SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running Shoe


If you love going on long distance runs whether indoors or outdoors, you need SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes in your life. These are durable shoes featuring thick soles, which makes them an incredibly versatile choice for new and experienced runners.

The shoes are well constructed and are thick enough to keep feet warm during the winter. The upper of the SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes are made entirely of goat skin and the inner lining of the shoes are made from sheepskin which helps the skin retain more warmth no matter how cold it gets.


A Closer Look at SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes

  • Colors – Silver/Cyan/Ice
  • Lacing – Asymmetrical
  • Material – Fabric
  • Design – Zero-drop


Flexible fit

The low heel construction of the SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes is designed and optimized for forefoot running which makes it perfect for pavements. The shoe bends without resisting as you run allowing runners to feel as if they are running barefoot.

The fit of the shoe is designed to conform to the contours of the feet with the mid and forefoot aligned accordingly. The shoes are incredibly flexible and mimic the shape of the foot as they are slipped on. The heel sole is also rounded that allows runners to rock and roll with their natural stride. In other words, these do not force runners to change their running style.

Adequate cushioning

Compared to other running shoes that offer a barefoot feel, the SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes boast more cushioning. However, it is not enough to be squishy and yielding so runners get a good sense of each foot strike. The toe box of these shoes is much wider than its predecessors and it is far more flexible as well.


Less seams and stronger out soles

The SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes do not have as many sea

ms in the lining which was a deliberate addition on the designer’s part. This is so runners don’t get blisters which can appear if the skin on the heel chafes against protrusions in the shoes. This also allows a more natural running and a soft landing.

There is also more outsole protection on the toes which makes the SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes great for rough trails. The outsole is made of a high-density rubber which grips the ground as the runner runs. The insole can be removed for more protection if needed.

All in all, the SKORA Women’s Phase-X Running shoes is an extremely durable pair of running shoes for women. The inner and outer features are strong and flexible enough to deal with rough terrain without sustaining damage and the feet are also well protected from the elements. The lateral lacing reduces the strain on the feet and keeps the tongue in place irrespective of speed while the durable leather outsole dries quickly when soaked making these shoes sweat and water resistant. The rounded heel allows a stable landing as well.

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