Best Running Shoes for Winter Training

Best Running Shoes for Winter Training


Adidas-Energy-Boost-2-5If you live in a part of the world that experiences significant climate changes throughout the seasons of the year, then the type of running shoe you may want to use could differ depending on the season. Running in the warmer summer months, and in the colder winter months are two completely different situations, and your running shoe choice should reflect this.

If you run outside during the cold winter months, then you are going to experience ground that is a lot harder, so you need shoes with ample cushioning so that you do not jar and injure yourself. The ground will also be more slippery, so you also need a shoe that provides your feet and ankles with sufficient support. Grip and traction will also be important, so you need to ensure the sole of the shoe has been designed with plenty of grip.

Some examples of running shoes for winter training

Adidas Supernova Sequence 6

Adidas have a wide range of running shoes, and they bring out new models every year. The newAdidas Supernova Sequence 6 Supernova Sequence 6 offers a well-designed shoe that has some very innovative features that make it suitable for winter running. The cushioned sole of the shoe will actually mold into the shape of your feet, as well as providing plenty of support as you run on the harder ground.

The sole of the shoe provides a lot of traction, so is ideally suited to wetter and more slippery surfaces. The shoe also features air mesh uppers and synthetic overlays, which combined help to provide a very strong and sturdy shoe and allows your feet to breathe, which is essential no matter what the weather and temperature is like. For a more detailed review on the Supernova Sequence 6 click here

Puma Tazon 5

The Puma Tazon 5 is a good example of a good quality running shoe that can be used for winter training, yet is priced very reasonably. Ideal for all types of running and cross training, the Tazon 5 oozes comfort as soon as you put it on your foot. The fact that it is designed for cross training will serve you will on the harder uneven ground that you will experience in the winter months.


The TPU shank used in the design of the Tazon 5 shoe provides the added stability you need for winter running, and the cushioned midsole will ensure your feet are well looked after every time you run on the hardened ground. The shoe also has a breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner which will keep the shoe well ventilated. Read a comprehensive review on the Puma Tazon 5 here

Adidas Energy Boost 2

Another Adidas shoe here, but this one cannot be passed up when you are thinking about ideal running shoes to use in the winter. The Energy Boost 2 has added cushioning, so is perfect for harder winter ground. The rubber sole will absorb impact well, and also ensure that your feet do not feel the sharp jarring that running on frozen ground can cause.

The ‘Boost’ that the shoe is named by is the design of the midsole, and will provide the kind of support your feet need in these harsh conditions. While the conditions outside of the shoe may be harsh in the winter, the inside of the shoe really provides a very comfortable environment, and one that will enhance your winter training. To read a full review of the Energy Boost 2 click here

All of these shoes will give you the ideal base for your feet during the winter months. They provide different features, so you can find the one that best suits your particular requirements. It is always important that you give your feet the comfort and support they need while you run, and the winter months in colder places mean much harsher conditions to run in, and these shoes will certainly help you.

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