If you are in search of running shoes that can help you improve your performance, then Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running shoes are the ideal choice. These are perfect for beginners who want to test out their mettle before increasing the miles. It’s a ‘Jack of all trades’ kind of shoe since it is designed to accommodate all types of runners.

Made of the finest polyester, these shoes boast an upgraded Flymesh material that allows air flow while you run. This prevents heat from building up inside the shoe which can otherwise impede performance. The closed toe offers a firm grip and the closure lace-up ensures a tight fit that won’t come undone on the move.

A Closer Look at Adidas’ Aerobounce Running shoes

  • Material – Polysters
  • Toe style – Closed
  • Colors – Blue
  • Lifestyle – Casual

Air Pouch


The Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running shoes are considered to be the cutting edge of running tech mostly due to the air pouch. It is the only pair that has this feature and these air sole units are located in the midsole right under the heel. This reduces the weight of the shoe without reducing performance. The lighter the shoe, the lighter the runner will feel.


These shoes weigh a comfortable 10.4 ounces in a size 10 for men and also b


oasts a neutral platform that features a 10 mm offset.


The Flymesh is engineered for the perfect fit and in such a way that the upper wraps around the shoe with a single seam in right behind the heel. In other words, it is barely noticeable which gives the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running shoes an A in the looks department.

The mesh is quite solid and just has a few openings in the toe box. These have a purpose when you look at the laces. The mesh wraps up the lacing system for the perfect fit and seamless look and breath ability.

Structured heel

The structured heel of the Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running shoes is just enough for the runner to feel the difference. Once you slip these shoes on, you will discover that you don’t have to shove your feet in them without untying them and you don’t need to worry about the heel collapsing on you either. The heel has a thin wrap behind it that keeps it in place along with a few reflective stripes for safety.

Pro Tip


A word to the wise: Allow your Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running shoes to air out after every use if you don’t want bacteria and odor buildup. This will also go a long way to retain their shape and prevent mold or mildew from forming. Use a clean cloth to rub off dirt and dust and do not use polish. That will only ruin the material and no pair of Nikes ever came cheap!

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