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Best Running Shoes for Men


When you go out running, either for leisurely purposes or competitively, you need to make sure Asics Gel Blur33 2.0you have a good pair of running shoes on your feet. Running can be very painful and cause injury if you do not have the right foot ware. So finding the best running shoes for men is imperative if you want to have a comfortable run and reduce the risk of injury.

There is no one ideal running shoe for men or women. As we all have different shaped feet some shoes will be better suited than others. It is about finding the shoe that fits your foot the best, and gives ample support and comfort when you run. Any shoe that does not fit properly will give you problems as soon as you start running in it.

Does brand matter?

Some people ask when looking for the best running shoes for men whether brand matters or not? The reality is that some brands are better than others, they cost more than others and they may well have better shoes than other brands. If you are a serious runner and you will be doing a lot of mileage on regular occasions in your shoes, then you will want to get a brand that really suits your feet perfect.

Asics-Gel-Speedstar-5-5Some of the more well known brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance and Mizuno to name just a few all make very good quality running shoes. But all of these brands may not have running shoes that fit you perfectly. So you should find a brand that has shoes that really fit your feet like a glove.

Although some of these well known brands may cost a bit more than other lesser known brands, you really are paying for the quality you get here. Taking care of your feet and legs, especially if you run a lot is vitally important. So these larger brands will have the best running shoes for men in terms of quality and comfort.

Some examples the best running shoes for men

There are lots of shoes that could be categorized as the best running shoes for men, it will be down to your own personal preference as to which one is right for you. Here are a few examples of some really good men’s running shoes of the moment:

Mizuno Wave Creation 13:
The Wave Creation 13 shoe is part of Mizuno’s popular ‘wave’ collection and is a top quality running shoe. It provides Best Running Shoes for Mena more bouncier feeling while you run, which not only makes your strides feel a little bit easier, but it also gives that added support for your feet and ankles.

This particular Mizuno model has been deemed as an ideal shoe for heavier, more well build runners. The cushioning in the shoe is that good that it will provide all the comfort a heavier runner will need. The shoe weighs in at 9.6 ounces, and can be purchased in a variety of colors.

Adidas Adizero Feather 2.0:
Adidas are another top brand that make excellent quality sportswear and running shoes. The Adidas Adizero Feather 2.0 is an all round running shoe that provides comfort and allows your feet to breathe at all times. They provide plenty of cushioning if you prefer running on roads or a track, so you should be able to run long distances without noticing too much fatigue.


New Balance Minimus Zero:
With the craze of minimalist running shoes still going strong, New Balance has released the very popular Minimus Zero shoe. They are designed as trail running shoes and are made from 75% synthetic and 25% mesh and they have a vibram sole on them.

best-running-shoes-for-men-3Weighing in at just 4.6 ounces, these shoes are incredibly light. If you like to wear minimalist running shoes, or you are looking to transition over to them, then these are an excellent quality pair to have.

So these are just three of the best running shoes for men currently available. See which one you feel would be best suited for your requirements and see how they can improve your running and comfort while you run.


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Which Running Shoes Are Right For You?


As we have already spoken about the things you need to consider when buying a new pair of which running shoesrunning shoes, in this article here, we now want to make sure that you are going to spend your money wisely, and buy the right pair of shoes for you.

Whether you are a serious runner, or you just want a comfortable pair of running shoes to wear for your daily walks, you still need to make sure you get the best shoes for your feet. Everybody has different shaped feet, and of all different sizes too. So just because a certain shoe may have a really good reputation, it might not be the right fit for you.

If you run any distance, you will know that any slight miss-fit of the show can really start to cause problems with your feet. Whether it is the length of the shoe, or the width that it wrong, it can really become a serious problem the more you wear them. If you walk in a certain way you may also need a shoe that stabilizes your feet properly, so you do not risk injury.

Looking at brand name running shoes

There are many different brands that offer a wide range of running shoes. They vary in quality, design and price, but you will be able to find the ideal shoe for your feet from one or more of the main brands for sure. The good thing is that most of the leading brands will offer a good selection of running shoes at a reasonable price. So if the cost of your next running shoes is an issue, then you should find some that suit your budget.

Here we have a look at some of the leading brands that offer a great selection of running shoes. The different styles of shoes that are provided by these brands cover all different feet requirements, and also demonstrate the affordability of some of the best quality running shoes available.

Asics running shoesAsics

Asics have really risen to the challenge of the competing in a market that is largely dominated by household names such as Nike and Adidas. They have put a lot of money, time and effort into their research and development, and have a really good understanding of how to create a solid running shoe that really provides a lot of comfort and stability for the wearer.

The Asics brand make running shoes for men and women, and they have a wide range of styles. If you prefer a more subtle style, with minimal coloring and patterned design, then they have a lot like this. They also have some really bright and colorful shoes, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, then these would be a good choice. The Asics Gel Blur33 2.0, Asics Gel Speedstar 5 and Asics Gel Strike 3 are just three of their popular running shoe options.

New Balance

New Balance is another brand that has really built up a solid customer base around the world in the last few years. They have done this by producing really good quality shoes that suit a lot of runner’s feet perfectly. They produce durable shoes that are also lightweight and allow your feet to breathe, which is essential when running or walking any distance at all.

With a massive range of men’s and women’s running shoes, the New Balance range offers shoes for all types of runners. They are comfortable shoes, so if you just want a nice pair to walk around the park in, or down to the shops every day, then these are great.

But if you are a more serious runner, then you are also going to find the comfort you need in the NB shoes. The New Balance 750 is just one example of their modern style and durable build. They are also very affordable, and offer a lot of value for money.


Another more modern day brand, K-Swiss have become very fashionable in recent years, and their wide range of running shoes is used by both serious runners and the casual wearer too. They offer some really stylish designs that catch the eye. But they are more than just good looks, and they produce some excellent shoes that use innovative technology to provide optimum performance capabilities.

k-swiss running shoes

A look at the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100 will demonstrate the innovative designs they have, and their ability to create something new and different that also has the comfort and stability that runners need. The K-Swiss shoes are generally very light to wear and come in a wide range of colors and styles to cater for all tastes.

Other brands that provide quality running shoes

These are just three of the modern day brands that provide excellent quality running shoes. But Puma-Osu-NM-2there are so many other good quality brands that deserve a mention too. You should always consider the established giants in this market, Nike and Adidas. They both have a massive range of running shoes that will suit all tastes and budgets.

Then there are other brands such as Puma and Saucony that make excellent shoes too. You should be able to find the running shoe that is perfect for your feet in amongst this list of established brands. They are all competitive with their pricing, and they all keep raising the bar with the new designs and quality they continue to provide in their shoes.


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An Essential Guide to Buying a Pair of Running Shoes


Before buying a pair of running shoes, the first thing to consider is its purpose and the type of feet running-shoe-buyers-guide-1you have. No one can finalize the ‘best shoe’ because it just doesn’t exist. It’s all about individual comfort, your feet type, weight, the surface on which you are planning to run and material used.

Due to so many determining factors, you need to look at what the different models of running shoes have to offer, and their main design features. Some shoes will be ideally suited to your type of feet, and also the type of running that you plan on doing.

Determine feet type

Finding your foot print is very easy and simple. All you have to do is wet one of your foot and step on an even surface to analyze the type of mark it makes. The three major types are normal foot, high arch and flat foot. A complete footprint is flat foot while high arc is for those who leaves a print with literally no arch. A print that falls somewhere in between these two can be considered a normal footprint.


Type of running shoes

There are different types of running shoes available in the market. Runners can conveniently pick the one that suits their feet and the immediate requirement.

Cushioned Shoes – Made for high foot arches, this variant offers lesser stability and motion control because they are made for neutral runners with cushioned interiors. For those who don’t over pronate when running, this is the best fit.

running-shoe-buyers-guide-2Motion Control – The rigid shoes are meant for heavier runners and offers better durability. Designed to provide exceptional control over movement, the shoes offer heavy duty stability and is made for people with lower arches.

Lightweight & Racing Shoes – Both products are extremely similar with their features. They are lightweight designed to allow the runners to sprint and race short distances without adding extra weight. These models are more responsive, and provide better cushioning and are an ideal product for light runners.

Trail Shoes – Made especially for off-road running, the trail shoes are rugged and can be used even on rocks, wet terrains or muddy areas.

Spike Shoes – Track spikes and cross country spikes are the two variants available. Because of the variety of sports, the former edition is further divided as jumping, distance and sprint spikes. Cross country shoes are meant to be used on snow, slippery areas and wet mud. The spike pins integrated can be removed or modified as required.

Design features

When buying a pair of running shoes, you can consider choosing them based on the feet they are running-shoe-buyers-guide-4made for. The design will usually be based on the three types of feet as said above. Basically, there are cushioned, moderately cushioned and lightweight with complete leather material for fast runners.

Ventilation and breathability

Latest running shoes provide best breathability and sweat resistance with high quality, durable material. The strenuous activity is supported by these shoes that have pores and exhaust outlets to remove excess moisture as well as heat generated while running.


The cushioned shoes are the heaviest of all with extra padding and cushion materials. Before buying a pair of running shoes it’s good to know how heavy it is. The lightweight models offer highest responsive yet they have lightweight cushion materials integrated in it to provide minimal comfort while sprinting.

Take the shoes for a trial and pick whichever you feel fits you perfect offering utmost comfort. That is the ‘best shoe’ made just for you.

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