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How to break in new running shoes


If you have just bought a brand-new pair of running shoes, you could go out that door for a run right away OR you could break them in first. The first option will result in a good run but the second option will make you fly on that track.

The thing is even if those shoes fit as if they were tailor-made for you, it is always a good idea to break them in first. Here are a couple of ways you can do that without ruining them:

Walk around in them

As soon as you get a new pair of running shoes, walk around in them a bit first before you run in them. Do this for a couple of days at least. This will open them up a bit and loosen the soles which will make the fit more comfortable. It will also give you the chance to check the seams and stitching to determine if either will hold on a run.

If the shoes don’t feel comfortable as you walk in them, then they will not be comfortable during a run either. This is the best time to swap them for a new pair from the store you bought them from and get a pair that feels right.

Phase them in

If the running shoes remain comfortable after you have walked in them for a couple of days, start running in them. However, introduce your kicks to the new regime slowly to phase them in so to speak. If you run for 5 miles right out of the gate, your running shoes might not be able to keep up and might get damaged.

For example, if you run most days of the week, wear the running shoes for only a couple of days for the first two weeks. Increase that duration gradually week by week until you start using them for every run. Use your old shoes for short distances in the beginning and then phase these out gradually as you phase in the new pair. Rotating shoes this way will allow your feet to get used to a new pair of shoes which can prevent injuries down the line.

Stick to short runs

When you start running in your new shoes, stick to short distances in the beginning. Just because you walked around in them for a couple of days does not mean they are comfortable yet. So if you run for 6 miles each day for instance, run for 3 miles in the first couple of days in your new shoes. Switch between your old and new pair if you want to mix it up and go for longer runs in the middle.

This will allow your feet and leg muscles to adjust to the firmer fit and cushioning your new running shoes offer.

Just because you bought a new pair of running shoes does not mean you should start using them immediately. By breaking them in first, you can enhance your performance and allow your body to adjust to the new kicks.

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Why you should invest in proper running shoes


Whether you jog or run, a good pair of running shoes will do your performance a world of good. Wearing shoes that are not designed to handle speed can derail your fitness regime while investing in quality running footwear can enhance it.

The bottom line is if you run in shoes that are meant for the basketball court or football field rather than the track, you are in for a world of hurt. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a pair of running shoes for your runs:

Enhance performance

The right pair of running shoes can improve your run in ways that normal shoes are not designed to. These are made to provide runners extra comfort and support that influence your overall athletic performance significantly.

Athletes are not the only ones who can benefit from these shoes either. Even if you do not compete in track and field, you can still use these to maintain a fitness regime that can optimize weight loss.

No pain and a lot of gain

If you use normal walking shoes for running, you will eventually get painful blisters on your feet. Those shoes are not designed to bear that strain especially if you wear cotton socks. The friction these will cause will chafe your feet making running difficult and painful.

Running shoes are designed to prevent this from happening. These are made to be spacious enough to prevent a fit that may smother your foot and still be comfortable. Word to the wise, also invest in a good pair of thin socks to prevent those shoes from accumulating bacteria.

They fit better

A good pair of running shoes fits snugly and if you are meticulous when choosing yours, it should feel as if it was tailor made for your feet. You will feel the difference as soon as you step into them. You will fee lighter on your feet whether you jog or run in them which will go a long way in improving your performance.

The wrong kind of shoes on the other hand will not only feel bulky and clumsy on the feet, they will also chafe at the heel. As mentioned before, these are just not designed to conform to the contours of the feet, something which serious runners rely on. Inappropriate footwear can also cause blisters with that chaffing. Even if they didn’t, that constant rub against the heels will affect your focus which in turn will disrupt your run.

Thankfully, big brands such as Nike and Asics etc have realized this and provide machine tested running shoes for runners that can enhance rather than impede their performance. They realize that one size does not fit all when it comes to fitness footwear and have come up with a range of shoes for both men and women.

The bottom line is in order to improve your running performance, you need to invest in a pair of running shoes that can make you feel light as a feather on the track, on the road or wherever you run.

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Top 4 Differences between Men’s and Women’s running shoes


Contrary to popular belief, there are genuine differences between men’s and women’s running shoes and no it is not a marketing gimmick. Each gender has different needs when it comes to their performance on the track.

In the past, most stores offered only scaled down colorful men’s footwear to appeal to women but this proved inadequate and fast. Most ended up being too small for comfort leading to plummeting sales.

Brands that took time to research and design footwear quickly realized that there are large differences between the two. Here is what they discovered:

1. Heel to toe shape differs

The biggest difference between men’s and women’s footwear comes down to the heels and toes. The running shoes of the latter are wider at the forefoot and the heel is narrow while men’s running shoes are wide throughout. That’s because their feet are larger than women.

If women choose men’s running shoes, they usually end up with shoes that are tight in the front but comfortable at the back. This can lead to injuries down the line on the hamstring, knee and also the back.

2. Motion Control differs

Women have wider hips compared to men which basically means that their upper legs create a larger angle or slant. This is known as the Q angle which means that female runners usually strike the ground with the outside of their feet more compared to men. At some point their feet do fall flat but women have to consciously roll their feet inward to ensure this whereas men tend to run with their feet flat on the ground from the get go.

This rolling motion is called pronation and it impacts the knees each time the foot strikes on the ground flat. In other words, running shoes for women have to offer more motion control and have a rigid instep to prevent their feet from twisting as they sprint.

3. The Weight Effect

Women have 15% less muscle mass compared to men which means they weigh less than men even if they have the same height and stature. That is why most running shoes for women are designed with midsoles that can take 15% less impact as they run. That is also why the midsole is softer and lighter than those found in men’s fitness footwear.

Besides this, even though running shoes for both feature flex grooves in the forefront of the outsole, those carved in women’s running shoes are deeper. That’s because women have a lower body mass which means that flexing the midsole is more challenging for them. The deep grooves are there to make this easier.

4. Angled Heels

The heel of running shoes are designed to withstand impact as the foot hits the ground by distributing it along it. Since women’s feet hit the ground at a shallower angle compared to men, their feet are pointed less than men’s.

That is why women’s running shoes are designed with heel that are less angled while men’s shoes have angled heels. In most cases, the former has heels that are flatter.

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What you need to know before buying running shoes


If you want to maintain your physique and running style, you need footwear that can keep up. But how can you determine the perfect pair for you? Here are some tips that can help you make an informed decision:

Your fitness level

The first thing a sales rep will ask you when you are shopping for running shoes is whether you are training for something and how far do you run. Even if you don’t have an answer for those questions, you need to determine how you will use your new shoes in the future to make an informed decision.

For instance, if you are new to running or have run a marathon, you might want to go for shoes that can protect your feet. That’s because at this point you are still figuring out your form so minimizing risk of injury would be ideal at the moment.

If you run 10 or 20 miles per week then you are a low mileage runner whereas as a medium mileage runner, you can clock up to 40 miles. More than that and you are a high mileage runner. The point is that you need to pick running shoes that can give you the stability, protection, comfort and performance that can accommodate your needs.

How well it fits

Finding running shoes that you can be comfortable running is will be critical for your fitness regime. Besides the correct length, you also need to determine the volume of the shoe. How much room you need in the toe box will be up to you but make sure that the shoes fit at the heel and the midfoot. Contrary to popular belief, different brands of shoes fit differently because each makes pairs with specific molds.

Bottom line is you need to find shoes that can accommodate your feet. Visit a specialty store so that you can try a couple of different pairs before buying. Even if they slip one easily, that does not mean they are the perfect fit. See how they feel when they are laced up and how your foot moves around when you run in them.

Ignore trends

Ignore what others are saying about so called ‘best’ shoes in the market. Visit a running shoe specialty store and try on a couple of styles yourself. You are the only one who knows which pairs feel comfortable and which will compromise your runs.

Allow your feet and brain to decide which models and types are best for you and you won’t suffer from buyer’s regret later. Before visiting a store, just examine the shape of your feet. Is the forefoot wide? Does the arch have a curve or is it flat? Choose a running shoe that fits comfortably on your feet according to the answers you find.

The bottom line is, in order to get running shoes that fit seamlessly and contribute rather than take away from your performance on the track, you need to know your feet intimately. That is the best way to avoid buyer’s regret and ensure your feet don’t protest later.

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How to clean Nike running shoes


Have your awesome pair of Nike running shoes seen better days? Do you feel embarrassed when you are slipping them on for your daily run? The good news is that you can clean them without damaging the material with a few simple tips.

Prep beforehand

Before washing your expensive Nike footwear, you need to prep it so that it doesn’t get damaged. Remove the laces first and wash them separately. A lot of dirt and grit gets into those eyelets so they need to get as much soap and water as possible to be clean.

If your shoes are caked with dried mud, bang them on the side of a solid surface to shake it lose. Use a brush or an old cloth to brush off excess grass, dirt and other pollutants so that it is easier to clean. Throwing a genuine pair of Nike kicks in the wash is a bad idea. By cleaning your shoes manually you can prevent them from getting damaged.

Get rid of dirt the smart way

To prevent your Nikes from getting stained, clean them as soon as you come back from a run. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the outsole or if you really want to get in there, you can also use a small paintbrush for dirt stuck in nooks and crannies.

After you have gotten rid of the dirt, fill up a sink with warm water and add a mild detergent or liquid soap. Use cold water instead of hot as the latter can damage the delicate fabric of Nike running shoes. Plus, use a mild cleaner that is free of toxic chemicals rather than laundry detergent and use just enough to form some lather.

Let them air dry

After you have cleaned your shoes free of dirt and suds, leave them out to dry in a room that is well-ventilated. If you are in a hurry, you can put them in a sunny spot or use a hairdryer on a cold setting on them. Whatever you do, never toss Nike running shoes in a dryer. The punishment they will get will damage them irreparably.

To speed up the drying process, place dryer sheet in each shoe. That way, they will be fresh when you slip them on.

Clean insoles to eliminate odor

The insoles accumulate a lot of sweat from your feet as you run which is the cause of the odor you smell when you slip them off. Clean those out separately by removing them and follow the same method mentioned before to do so.

Place wet insoles out to dry and sip them back in the shoes once they are completely free of moisture. If the insoles still smell, it might be time to place in new ones. You can find replacement Nike insoles in most outlets of the brand so you won’t have to wait long to hit the trails again.

Nike running shoes are an investment for a healthy lifestyle and most don’t come cheap either. Buy a pair once and keep it clean so that you don’t need a replacement later.


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Best New Running Shoes for Men


Each year new ranges of running shoes are released by the many different brands that make Saucony-Kinvara-5-2them, and many of them have enhanced technology and innovative designs that will help you improve your running, and add to the comfort levels too.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best new running shoes for men and give you a taste of just what is available right now, and see some of the new innovations being included on some of the latest shoe designs.

There are a lot of very strong manufacturers of running shoes, but there are some newer brands that are starting to get noticed and are breaking through into the mainstream. So it is good for runners to have so much choice now, as you can be assured of finding some options that really suit your feet and your style of running too.

Some of the best new running shoes for men

Saucony Kinvara 5

Saucony-Kinvara-5-4Comfort is one of the first things that comes to mind when you put on the Saucony Kinvara 5 running shoes. They are light too, but the comfort factor will really appeal to those that run on harder surfaces and need a really cushioned sole on their shoe.

The fact that they are also light, and allow your feet to breathe are also positives for the Kinvara 5, and they are also very affordable too, so they have certainly been a big hit since they were released. To read a full review on the Saucony Kinvara 5 running shoes click here

Zoot Ultra TT 7.0

The Zoot Ultra TT 7.0 is an ideal shoe for the triathlete, as it is such a versatile shoe and will improve your performance on a wide range of surfaces and distances too. The shoe has some useful design features that allow a triathlete to take the shoes on and off quickly when in a race.


A triathlete really needs a comfortable shoe, and the TT 7.0 provides a level of comfort that you will not find in many shoes, no matter how much they cost. It is also very light so provides minimal resistance, even over longer distances. Read a full review of the Zoot Ultra TT 7.0 here

Mizuno Wave Enigma 4

The Wave collection from Mizuno is well known with athletes and casual users alike, as the shoesrunning shoes for men have really become well known for their comfort and design qualities. The new Mizuno Wave Enigma 4 does not let the group down, in fact it has taken the Wave collection to a new level.

The shoe may not be as feature-packed as a lot of other running shoes, but everything it does have has been precision-made and serves the purpose of improving your performance every time you pull them on. Read a full review of the Wave Enigma 4 here

Karhu Strong 5

A no-nonsense running shoe, the Karhu Strong 5 delivers on comfort and performance, while allowing you to push yourself to new levels when you run with them on. The full-length fulcrum system that is built into the shoe provides improved stability and ensures that every step landed is true, making your running that much more efficient. Read a more detailed review on the Karhu Strong 5 shoe here

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Best Running Shoes for Winter Training


Adidas-Energy-Boost-2-5If you live in a part of the world that experiences significant climate changes throughout the seasons of the year, then the type of running shoe you may want to use could differ depending on the season. Running in the warmer summer months, and in the colder winter months are two completely different situations, and your running shoe choice should reflect this.

If you run outside during the cold winter months, then you are going to experience ground that is a lot harder, so you need shoes with ample cushioning so that you do not jar and injure yourself. The ground will also be more slippery, so you also need a shoe that provides your feet and ankles with sufficient support. Grip and traction will also be important, so you need to ensure the sole of the shoe has been designed with plenty of grip.

Some examples of running shoes for winter training

Adidas Supernova Sequence 6

Adidas have a wide range of running shoes, and they bring out new models every year. The newAdidas Supernova Sequence 6 Supernova Sequence 6 offers a well-designed shoe that has some very innovative features that make it suitable for winter running. The cushioned sole of the shoe will actually mold into the shape of your feet, as well as providing plenty of support as you run on the harder ground.

The sole of the shoe provides a lot of traction, so is ideally suited to wetter and more slippery surfaces. The shoe also features air mesh uppers and synthetic overlays, which combined help to provide a very strong and sturdy shoe and allows your feet to breathe, which is essential no matter what the weather and temperature is like. For a more detailed review on the Supernova Sequence 6 click here

Puma Tazon 5

The Puma Tazon 5 is a good example of a good quality running shoe that can be used for winter training, yet is priced very reasonably. Ideal for all types of running and cross training, the Tazon 5 oozes comfort as soon as you put it on your foot. The fact that it is designed for cross training will serve you will on the harder uneven ground that you will experience in the winter months.


The TPU shank used in the design of the Tazon 5 shoe provides the added stability you need for winter running, and the cushioned midsole will ensure your feet are well looked after every time you run on the hardened ground. The shoe also has a breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner which will keep the shoe well ventilated. Read a comprehensive review on the Puma Tazon 5 here

Adidas Energy Boost 2

Another Adidas shoe here, but this one cannot be passed up when you are thinking about ideal running shoes to use in the winter. The Energy Boost 2 has added cushioning, so is perfect for harder winter ground. The rubber sole will absorb impact well, and also ensure that your feet do not feel the sharp jarring that running on frozen ground can cause.

The ‘Boost’ that the shoe is named by is the design of the midsole, and will provide the kind of support your feet need in these harsh conditions. While the conditions outside of the shoe may be harsh in the winter, the inside of the shoe really provides a very comfortable environment, and one that will enhance your winter training. To read a full review of the Energy Boost 2 click here

All of these shoes will give you the ideal base for your feet during the winter months. They provide different features, so you can find the one that best suits your particular requirements. It is always important that you give your feet the comfort and support they need while you run, and the winter months in colder places mean much harsher conditions to run in, and these shoes will certainly help you.

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Best Running Shoes for Women


If you are a woman that loves to run, or you simply want a good pair of running shoes to do your Nike Dart 9 reviewexercise or walking in, then you certainly have a lot of options to choose from. Trying to determine the best running shoes for women doesn’t have to be that difficult if you know exactly what type of shoes are best for your feet, and what you actually need the shoes for.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best running shoes for women that are currently available, and help you get a better idea of the variety that you can expect to see, and the kind of quality that you should look for. You do not have to spend a lot of money either to get yourself a really good quality pair of shoes, so do not think that you have to be spending well over $100 to get yourself a nice pair of running shoes.

Some of the best running shoes for women currently available

Asics Gel-Exalt

Asics certainly know what their customers want, and they keep on delivering high quality running shoes time after time. The women’s Gel-Exalt running shoe is a great example of this, and with this shoe Asics has provided the kind of quality that any female runner would want on their feet. The attention to detail throughout the design is apparent as soon as the shoe is put on.


The Asics women’s Gel-Exalt running shoe does a lot more than just provide comfort and stability for your feet. It will enhance your performances too due to the high-tech design features the shoe incorporates, and will allow you to run and exercise without restriction. You can read a more detailed review on the women’s Asics Gel-Exalt running shoe here

Nike Flex Run 2014

The Nike flex Run 2014 for women offers a lightweight mesh upper that allows for sufficient Womens-Nike-Flex-Run-2014-1ventilation for the feet. It also helps to keep the weight down for the shoe, which makes a lot of difference when you are running longer distances. The aim of this shoe was to provide a comfortable and stable environment for a female runners feet, and Nike has done an excellent job of achieving this.

The partial mesh inner of the show will provide that added level of comfort for the foot as it molds and wraps around the forefoot of the runner. This allows you to run on harder surfaces such as roads and tracks without getting that jarring feeling that many other running shoes have. To read a more comprehensive review on the women’s Nike flex Run 2014 running shoe click here

Nike Free Run 5.0

Nike-womens-Free-Run-5.0-2Another excellent option from Nike is their women’s Free Run 5.0 shoe, which offers a minimalistic design along with some excellent features. This shoe will appeal to a wide range of female runners, and is ideal for many kinds of running too. This versatility that the shoe provides has made it a really popular choice with women runners, and even women that just want a comfortable shoe to walk around in.

Nike always look to improve the performance of the wearer in their range of shoes, and the Nike Free Run 5.0 is no exception to this. There is a massive range of colors to choose from, so whatever your preference is you should be able to find a color scheme on the shoe that matches your taste. Read a full review on the women’s Nike Free Run 5.0 shoe here

Check out some more ideas here:

So these are three of the best running shoes for women that you will find around at the moment. There are other options too that would certainly appeal to many female runners, we have a lot of detailed reviews here on so you can see the variety and quality available to you.

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Why Certain Running Shoe Brands are Better Suited for You


If you have looked into getting a new pair of running shoes recently, you will have seen just howrunning shoe brands many brands offer extensive ranges of shoes for you to choose from. Some of the shoes from different brands will look fairly similar, but is there much of a difference between them all when it comes to actually wearing and running in them?

The reality is that some brands will be much better suited to your feet and the style of running you do. It is just the way that some brands make their shoes that will fit your own feet that little bit better than another brand. There is no one ‘right’ brand for everyone, as everybody has different shape feet, and different running styles too.

While a lot of people tend to think that the more they spend on a pair of running shoes, the better they will be, this is certainly not the case. While the quality of the more expensive shoes and brands is often very high, they may not be the best fit for you.

On the other side of the coin, the more expensive brands may be the perfect shoe for you. The way a shoe molds itself to the shape of your feet is going to be extremely important for you, as it will mean the difference between a comfortable fitting shoe or a shoe that does not fir so well and hinders your running ability.

Running Shoe brands to consider

Here are some of the brands that offer a wide range of running shoes, and may have the perfect shape and design for your feet, and the type of running that you do. These brands offer running shoes of all kinds, and in a wide range of budget constraints too.

New Balance

New Balance Fresh Foam 980While New Balance are certainly not a new brand (they were founded in 1906), they have certainly become one of the most popular running shoe brands in more recent times. The reason for their up-turn in recent times is down to their innovative and varied shoe designs. When you look at their extensive range, and see shoes such as the Fresh Foam 980, you will see just how innovative and detailed their shoe designs are.


Asics are another brand that have been around for a long time (founded in 1949), but have really become more prominent in the market over the last 10 years or so. They also have a very extensive range of running shoes available, and they offer them at very affordable prices. They have really developed some exceptional running shoes, and models such as the Gel Electro 33 really show what they are capable of.


Brooks make all kinds of sports equipment, and their range of running shoes has increased significantly over the years. Another very experienced brand, being founded in 1914, they certainly have a very good understanding of the marketplace, and they have continued to innovate in their shoe designs. Shoes like the Brooks Trance 12 are modern and comfortable, and go a long way to optimizing a runner’s ability.

Brooks Trance 12 Men’s running shoes


Saucony Mirage 4Another brand with over 100 years of experience (founded in 1898), Saucony have produced some really high quality running shoes in recent times. Their new Mirage 4 running shoe is the epitome quality and innovation at an affordable price. They do have a wide range of running shoes for both men and women and are certainly a very good brand option to consider.

These are just some of the Brands around today that offer a wide range of running shoes in all styles, shapes and sizes. Read some of the reviews on this site to find out more about the brands and specific models of shoes that they offer, and see which one you feel is best suited for you.


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Some of the Best Running Shoes for 2014


So far during 2014 we have seen some incredible new running shoes that have been released, withBest Running Shoes for 2014 still more to come as the year progresses. Shoes from some of the more well-known brands have been a popular choice for runners, as have some running shoes from some brands that are not as prominent yet in this crowded market place.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the new running shoes in 2014 so you can get an idea of what is available and the new innovative design elements that are being introduced to some of the shoes. It will also bring to your attention some newer brands that you may not be aware of yet, that are ready to make quite an impact in this market judging by the high quality and innovative designs they are producing.

New running shoes for 2014

Hoka One One Bondi 3

This is the third generation of the Bondi running shoe from Hoka One One. It has been redesigned with new features that make running that much more comfortable. The emphasis of the Bondi 3 shoe is extra cushioning that enables you to run on uneven surfaces with ease and comfort while providing more stability for your feet and ankles.


The new upper on the Bondi 3 is light and breathable so that your feet will stay cool on longer runs. There is an external mesh screen that aids to make the shoes lighter as well as more durable too. The proprietary CMEVA midsole gives you that added stability and cushioning while also enhancing your performance too. The shoe is available for both men and women.

Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N1

The EM Road N1 running shoe from Pearl Izumi is the ideal road running shoe and can be used for shorter 5K runs or longer marathon length running too. It has been designed to provide enough cushioning for the longer runs, while still being very light. This has been done through the use of innovative features and materials.

The mesh upper provides the ventilation your feet need while on a longer run, while also keeping your feet in the right place within the shoe also. The mid sole has a dynamic off-set that provides a very smooth running experience, and keeps the bottom of your feet stabilized throughout the duration of your run. The Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N1 is available for men and women.

New Balance M1260v4 NBX

best-running-shoes-2014-3New Balance are a fairly dominant force in the running shoe market. The M1260v4 NBX has been
designed for the overpronator and provides a smooth running experience for the wearer. The stability and cushioning of the shoe has been improved so you can optimize your training sessions to their fullest.

The air mesh used on the upper of the shoe provides the perfect ventilation for your feet as you go through your training sessions. The shoe also wraps around your feet well giving them the best stability possible when running on roads and harder surfaces.

Saucony Mirage 4

Saucony has been making some very good running shoes for a few years now, and their Mirage 4 best-running-shoes-2014-4shoe is certainly no exception. What Saucony has managed to do with the Mirage 4 is make it even lighter than the previous version, the Mirage 3, but also increasing the comfort and cushioning at the same time.

The Saucony Mirage 4 has a new upper and the seamless overlays have been repositioned to allow for a better fit around the foot. Not only does this make the shoe more comfortable, but it also improves stability too. The Mirage 4 is available for both men and women.

So these are just some of the excellent running shoes available in 2014. There are many more too, we have more reviews of the latest running shoes here in, so you can find the ideal shoe for your running and walking needs.

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