Adidas Aerobounce Running Shoes


Finding running shoes that can make you light on your feet and improve your performance on the track  can be a challenge. There are so many choices out there that you are literally spoiled for choice. The Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes are one such pair that has taken the running sphere by storm.

These synthetic shoes feature comfortable soles and a shaft that measures low top from arch. As a neutral pair, it provides a cushioning effect that is easy on the feet and offers a flexible grip. The Haptic print overlay provides seamless support and the breathable mesh lining make this quite a comfortable pair of running shoes.

A Closer Look at Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes

Runner type –  Neutral

Colors – 4 (black/white, Core/Metallic/Vapor blue, yellow, gray)

Sole – Synthetic

Lining – breathable mesh



BOUNCE Cushioning



Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes provide comfort and stability to  runners that enhances running performance on the track and prevents injuries. The all-BOUNCE midsole is engineered for optimum comfort and safety for serious and novice runners both. The shoes feel quite bouncy which makes


runners feel light on their feet. In other words, it gives a ton of energy without adding on weight that can impede running.

Forward lean

The Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes forces a forward lean that pushes runners forward with more speed than other shoes. It has a 100mm heel-to-toe drop or a 28mm stack heel that is designed to give this result. Both the heel and the soft midsole provide a cushioned feel on the road and allows runners to feel the ground they are running on for the best experience.

However, this makes the Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes ideal for flat rather than rough tracks which can damage it overtime. It makes up for this with a good amount of traction that makes runners light on their feet.

Flexible fit


The upper of the Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes makes it really stand out and where it really shines. It provides a perfect snug fit and loosens up in the toe box for a comfortable fit. Your feet will not slip from these shoes no matter how fast you are running as it supports the entire length of the upper which gives support to the entire leg.

The mesh is designed to move with the foot and is breathable which means your feet will remain cool. As the foot lands, the mesh expands and then tightens up as it leaves the ground. It is comfortable enough to be worn without socks as well.

The midfoot’s print area locks the feet in place and also adds support to the shoes. This along with the rigid plastic heel cradles the feet through an entire run thus reducing impact and the risk of injury as well.

All in all Adidas Aerobounce Running shoes are perfect for both serious and novice runners who wish to improve their running performance on the track or on the treadmill.

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Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 Running Shoes Review


The Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 is a freshly-updated pair of neutral racers that offers the Adidas-Adizero-Boston-Boost-5-2same fast ride, but now comes with superior cushioning and improved traction in a lighter and thinner design. It features an advanced, energy-returning foam midsole for competitive performance, while the breathable mesh and microsuede overlays provide proper ventilation as you move.

Runners can also enjoy the best in fit and comfort in the Boston Boost 5 shoe, thanks to the extended Torsion Control system and Adiprene cushioning technology. Plus, with addition of the Continental rubber outsole, these running shoes can score more traction in both dry and wet conditions.

A closer look at the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5

Familiar visuals, innovative fit

Style-wise, the Boston Boost 5 sports some familiar visuals and can easily pass off as the Adios Boost 2’s twin – from the synthetic suede and open air-mesh, down to the individual patterns and shapes on the upper. But instead of simply being the latter’s doppelganger, these Bostons are made with smoother Tirrenina suede and Coolever mesh lining for better heat and moisture exchange between your feet and the outside air.

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Another improvement over the Adios is the broader lacing width, wider insole, and thicker tongue mesh that significantly reduces the lacing pressure’s intensity. Furthermore, the mesh and collar lining are now backed with more foam, which works together with the molded heel counter to ensure a snug and comfortable feel.

Energy-returning ride

Speaking of comfort, these Adidas runners come with the revolutionary Boost midsole cushioning technology. Unlike the usual foams, the Boston 5 features unique energy capsules that provide a softer, bouncier, and more responsive feel.


The energy-returning properties of these capsules work by recharging your steps, giving you relentless performance to go the extra mile. They also energize your stride independent from the temperature, thus ensuring a relaxed and cozy ride. And as expected from the company, there’s a sizable amount of bevel under the heel for smoother rear-foot strikes.

Extended torsion and cushioning

Adidas-Adizero-Boston-Boost-5-3Another winning feature of the Adizero Boston Boost 5 is its mile-crunching Torsion support. The full-scale Torsion control system provides ample support for your feet, and lets them move in a natural torsional motion. As a result, you get better mid-foot and forefoot integrity, as well as improved stability and propulsion. This is perfectly complemented by the Adiprene cushioning that promotes forward momentum, enhances landing efficiency, and reduces strain on your joints.

Grippy roadrunner

Whether you’re a long-distance runner or a quick racer-trainer, you will appreciate the grippy traction offered by the Adizero Boston Boost 5. This is owed to the unique Continental Outsole compound that gives as much as 21% more traction in dry and up to 23% more traction in wet conditions.


With this feature, muddy roads and wintry weather won’t hold you down. The specially-engineered outsole also contributes to the shoe’s overall durability, so it can last any pace and distance.

Additional information on the Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5

The Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 is available in Men’s standard and Women’s standard size, and tips the scales at approximately 8.8 ounces (Men’s standard). It has a heel to toe drop of 10 millimeters, and comes in a variety of colors including Solar Red, Semi Solar Yellow, Beige/Iron, and Core Black. The running shoes is covered by the Adidas 6-month guarantee.





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Adidas Duramo 6 Running Shoe Review


Adidas Duramo 6Adidas has been making quality running shoes for a long time, they have a lot of knowledge and experience in this market. The Adidas Duramo 6 is a great example of this; it gives you the quality and performance you need for your training sessions, and at the right price.

Being a middle budget shoe, it offers a great deal of comfort and support for your feet when you run. Their design will let you comfortably hit the gym, run around a track and sprint with no limitations whatsoever. The shoe is available for both men and women, and it comes in a range of different colors for both.

Both the men’s and women’s Duramo 6 shoes feature slight modifications to previous models, especially in the sole where the women’s version features a flat arch heel. The shoe is an upgrade of Duramo 5, featuring enhanced color options to choose from and full length ADIPRENE+ in its midsole.

A closer look at the Adidas Duramo 6 running shoe

Design features

The ADIWEAR technology in the outsole gives the shoe a long lasting life. The Adidas exclusive technology gives the outsole a non-marking rubber touch that is well known for its high wear resistance. To give maximum grip while on action, the shoe includes TRAXION technology in its outsole.

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The Duramo 6 also boasts flex grooves in the underfoot, a feature that was not present in its predecessor. The grooves provide a free natural movement and great traction. The shoe is quite responsive, thanks to the anatomically designed foot bed, facilitating a soft and smooth transition between the toe off and the heal strike.

On the upper body, a mesh design ensures air movement in and out the shoe, preventing your Adidas-Duramo-6-2feet from sweating even in hot weather. Synthetic overlays come in handy to provide structured support.

Comfort and stability

One noticeable feature in the Duramo 6 is the full length ADIPRENE+ in the midsole. Apparently, this technology delivers more comfort by providing more cushioning and rebound. Moreover, the midsole feature an EVA polymer that forms the rubber foam part in the midsole. Not only is EVA more comfortable than other synthetic materials used to make the midsole, but also lighter and more eco-friendly.

Weight of the shoe

Two factors conflict here, weight versus durability. In most cases, the lightest shoes get light but compromise on their durability. The Adidas Duramo 6 is designed for durability, rather than weight, balancing the overall performance of the shoe. The men’s version weights approximately 270 grams while the women’s version weighs around 250 grams.



  • Thick and textured outsole
  • Adiwear technology for durability
  • Adiprene+ technology for increased flexibility
  • Lace up closure
  • Litestrike EVA midsole for maximum shock absorption
  • Flex grooves for smoother strides
  • Mesh structure in the upper
  • Great for shorter distances
  • Cushiony heel materialAdidas-Duramo-6-4
  • Normal/flat arch

Last thoughts on the Adidas Duramo 6

The Adidas Duramo 6 is an excellent choice for the casual runner, or anyone that needs a comfortable and supportive shoe to walk, run or train in. Despite its affordable cost, Adidas was still able to feature a lot of quality, comfort and stability in the design. The shoe’s durable design makes it to comfortably withstand off road environments, including rocky terrains.





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Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe Review


In racing, every second matters a lot. The Adidas men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe comes with Adidas men's Energy Boost 2 running shoea groundbreaking design together with a collection of excellent features that will enhance your running and training ability. It is also available in many different colors, so find one that meets your taste should not be difficult.

This running shoe is an upgrade of the original Adidas Energy Boost shoe, hence the feature improvements such as boostTM technology, one that is responsible for greater energy return. Plus, the Energy Boost 2 offers more comfort than conventional running shoes, and comes with a durable yet flexible upper and midsole.

A closer look at the Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe

The running shoe features the new Adidas revolutionary foam midsole, that contains thousands of small energy capsules responsible for storing and unleashing energy whenever your feet hits the ground. This technology is known as the boost technology, and comes in handy to ensure every step is charged with endless supply of fast energy.

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The outsole features an Adiwear design that offers the ultimate long distance durability. The Torsion system, a thermoplastic unit in the midsole, allows the rear foot and the forefoot to move independently for increased stability. This shoe also features Zonemotion technology in the outsole for increased flexibility.

Adidas men's Energy Boost 2 Type of running the shoe is designed for

The Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe features a breakthrough design with a comfy insole, upper and midsole. All these integrated features make the shoe suitable for speed runs, long runs, mid-foot strikers, heel strikers, heavier runners, wide feet and also running on a variety of terrain. The added cushioning also make this shoe ideal for training in winter months when the ground is much harder.

Comfort of the shoe

The artistic design in this running shoe makes it extra comfy. Initially though, the shoe is a bit stiff, especially during the first few runs. The good side is that it stretches fast and remains flexible throughout its life. It’s heavily cushioned and has great responsiveness.


The heel features a Formotion heel system that easily adapts to the runners running style, providing a smoother heal-to-toe transition. On the end of the heel is a collar that contains memory foam that enhances more forefoot flexibility.

Weight of the shoe

In running shoes, the weight of a shoe is very important. The heavier the shoe, the harder it will be for the runner to run faster, as the weight will require more energy to lift. The Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe has been designed with this in mind, and features a surprisingly low weight of 10.0oz (size 9). This makes the shoe suitable for longer runs as it will not provide much resistance when you run.

Benefits of the Energy Boost 2Adidas-Energy-Boost-2-5

  • Smooth transition from heel to toe
  • Comfy fit with four-way stretch mesh
  • Supper lightweight 10oz only
  • Techfit upper that is engineered for flexible support and a seamless sock-like fit
  • Flexible textile upper
  • Adiwear rubber that is extremely durable to prevent early wear and tear
  • Seamless construction
  • Techfit technology
  • Boost technology
  • Suitable for running in different environments/different races

Adidas-Energy-Boost-2-4Last thoughts on the Adidas men’s Energy Boost 2 running shoe

Adidas has continuously produced running shoes that are soft, flexible, durable and comfortable. The Adidas Boost series is well known for its outstanding cell structure midsole, with different technologies offering you one of the most responsive and cushioned rides ever. The Adidas Men’s Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe comes in different sizes and colors to choose from.





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Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 Running Shoe Review


Just like other Adidas running shoes in the Supernova Sequence series, the Adidas Supernova Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 Sequence 6 is sleeker, more flexible, and more stable while providing the smoothest running experience. Whenever something is upgraded, it means that improvements have taken place, and this shoe has had some significant modifications made to its design to optimize its usage further still.

The Sequence 6 is available for both men and women, and comes in a wide range of color schemes. It features improvements such as improved durability in the outsole and improved fit and support. When walking or running in the shoe, you will notice just how it supports every part of the foot, so it will allow those that do longer distance running and training to run with sufficient stability.

Design features of the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6

The shoe packs many different technologies together with a collection of excellent new features, all designed to give you a more efficient and optimized run. The continental Adiwear rubber outsole goes a long way to provide superior grip, more durability and longer lasting mileage. The Formotion technology integrated in the midsole allows the shoe to adapt easily to the ground for a smoother run.

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Another excellent feature incorporated in the midsole is the Torsion system that uses a wishbone-shaped thermoplastic unit, one that allows the rear-foot and the fore-foot to move independent of each other for increased stability. The upper consists of an air mesh construction providing maximum breathability.

Comfort and stability

The Supernova Sequence shoes are best known for their stability, thanks to their specific design features. The Geofit construction together with molded Eva sock liner greatly improves the performance of the shoe while providing more comfort. Under the heel of the shoe is Adiprene, a special Adidas technology that provides superior impact cushioning, adding more comfort while maintaining propulsion and efficiency.


At the end of the heel is a collar that contains memory foam for enhancing forefoot flexibility. Away from these effective technology additions, the shoe features a lace-up front closure design. This assures you of a comfortable fit. The air mesh is designed to specifically prevent your feet from sweating, since the spaces while allow free movement of air helping in temperature regulation.

Weight of the shoe

Adidas-Supernova-Sequence-6-3The Adidas men’s Energy Boost 2 Running Shoe weighs only 9.9oz, while this model weighs 13.0oz, so it is not the lightest shoe available. However; it has been argued that this was as a result of added synthetic overlays as well as added upper for more stability. The difference though is negligible, and does not really affect its performance too much.

Running styles of the shoe

Due to the shoe’s stable design, the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 is suitable for longer runs such as marathons and triathlons.

Shoe highlights

  • Open mesh upper for added ventilation
  • Geofit with memory foam to improved fit
  • Zonemotion technology in the outsole providing more forefoot flexibility
  • Formotion technology for a more comfortable run
  • Anatomical fit and comfort


Final thoughts on the Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 running shoe

Adidas remains as one of the top brands in the world of sports and leisure products. This is evident in the many awards that it has scooped over the last few years, not forgetting the many honors that it scooped during the 2008 Adidas Olympic Skinsuits. The Adidas Supernova Sequence 6 running shoe provides the type of quality you want from a top running shoe, and it has certainly proved to be a popular model with many that use it.





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