How to break in new running shoes


If you have just bought a brand-new pair of running shoes, you could go out that door for a run right away OR you could break them in first. The first option will result in a good run but the second option will make you fly on that track.

The thing is even if those shoes fit as if they were tailor-made for you, it is always a good idea to break them in first. Here are a couple of ways you can do that without ruining them:

Walk around in them

As soon as you get a new pair of running shoes, walk around in them a bit first before you run in them. Do this for a couple of days at least. This will open them up a bit and loosen the soles which will make the fit more comfortable. It will also give you the chance to check the seams and stitching to determine if either will hold on a run.

If the shoes don’t feel comfortable as you walk in them, then they will not be comfortable during a run either. This is the best time to swap them for a new pair from the store you bought them from and get a pair that feels right.

Phase them in

If the running shoes remain comfortable after you have walked in them for a couple of days, start running in them. However, introduce your kicks to the new regime slowly to phase them in so to speak. If you run for 5 miles right out of the gate, your running shoes might not be able to keep up and might get damaged.

For example, if you run most days of the week, wear the running shoes for only a couple of days for the first two weeks. Increase that duration gradually week by week until you start using them for every run. Use your old shoes for short distances in the beginning and then phase these out gradually as you phase in the new pair. Rotating shoes this way will allow your feet to get used to a new pair of shoes which can prevent injuries down the line.

Stick to short runs

When you start running in your new shoes, stick to short distances in the beginning. Just because you walked around in them for a couple of days does not mean they are comfortable yet. So if you run for 6 miles each day for instance, run for 3 miles in the first couple of days in your new shoes. Switch between your old and new pair if you want to mix it up and go for longer runs in the middle.

This will allow your feet and leg muscles to adjust to the firmer fit and cushioning your new running shoes offer.

Just because you bought a new pair of running shoes does not mean you should start using them immediately. By breaking them in first, you can enhance your performance and allow your body to adjust to the new kicks.

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