The Puma Men’s PowerTech Voltaic Running Shoe Review


Puma Men's PowerTech Voltaic running shoeThe Puma Men’s PowerTech Voltaic running shoe was designed by the PUMA Company to be a lightweight, high-performance shoe. Puma is one of the leading companies in the world in producing quality shoes, both casual and athletic footwear for a long time.

The shoe is perfect for wearing anytime and anywhere because it features a strong and durable upper, midsole and outsole. The PowerTech Voltaic has a lace up closure which makes it easy to wear and great for snug feet. The Voltaic running shoe has well cushioned foot bed which helps keep the foot well supported, and it also does a good job of keeping away moisture. This also provides antimicrobial protection.

Design features of the Puma Men’s PowerTech Voltaic running shoe

The shoe incorporates impressive design features. It has a compression molded midsole which has a PowerTech heel design for shock absorption. It also provides impact protection by compression. For lightweight support they have been made with breathable mesh uppers with overlays which are synthetic.

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The shoe has an ever track rubber out sole which ensures that the shoe is durable in high abrasion areas. This shoe has been designed with ArchTec technology which guides the foot through a natural transition from the touch down to the toe off. The lining has been made with a breathable fabric. It comes along with synthetic leather over lays for protection and also a TPU toe cap for extra protection and strength.

Comfort and stability

The Puma men’s PowerTech Voltaic running shoe is extremely comfortable, stylish and of course very stable, providing ample support for your feet when you run. They have been made with a soft and lightweight material which is well cushion so as to ensure that they are comfortable as you go through your exercise routines.


They also fit very well and have a good strong sole that ensures that you are stable enough when using it. The shoes also have a padded collar and tongue for comfort. This allows the athletes to optimize their workout and use their time well, without suffering from fatigue or discomfort because of the shoe. It has a flex groove enhance flexibility and smooth workouts.

Weight of the shoe

The Puma Men’s PowerTech Voltaic running shoe weighs around 11.4 ounces. It is fairly light Puma-PowerTech-Voltaic-running-shoe-2when compared to other similar shoes, and will help you run for longer without much resistance.

Additional information

  • The shoe has a PUMA form strip at medial and lateral side
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Lighter bootie construction
  • PUMA cat logo at the lateral side of the toe and heel

Last thoughts on the Puma Men’s PowerTech Voltaic running shoe

Puma-PowerTech-Voltaic-running-shoe-1Besides possessing incredible design features and offering superior comfort, it comes at a very good and affordable price. The shoe is very affordable, and you are getting a lot of quality for your money. The shoe comes in different sizes and styles so you can easily get one and it fits in perfectly. You can put this shoe through a lot of punishment and strenuous workouts and it will handle it all with ease due to its durable design.

While the Puma Men’s PowerTech Voltaic running shoe running is great for running, you can also use them when walking in the streets, in the gym, playing soccer, basketball and also when taking adventurous trips. This versatility will certainly make it appealing to a wider audience, and with the low cost of the shoe it will continue to be a favorite.





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Puma Men’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe Review


The Puma Men’s Tazon 5 cross-training shoe is a low budget shoe that offers the comfort and Puma Men's Tazon 5 cross-training shoefeatures available in more expensive running shoes. The attention to detail in the design of this shoe is apparent as soon as you see it.

One thing you will hear users of this show say on a consistent basis is just how comfortable they are to wear. No matter whether you are just wearing them for a walk around the park, or for some serious cross training, the shoes seem to mold around your feet and provide the comfort you want from a pair of training shoes.

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Though the upper is not fully perforated, the larger part consists of perforations that greatly assist in air exchange. The Tazon 5 shoe is available for both men and women, and you will find it in a range of color schemes, so you should be able to find one that meets your tastes and requirements. Both feature similar design features as well as technology used within the shoe.

A closer look at the Puma Men’s Tazon 5 cross-training shoe

Design features

Puma-Mens-Tazon-5-2The shoe boasts leather and synthetic upper and a rubber sole. This makes the shoe quite durable and long lasting. The upper also uses a lace closure mechanism, one that helps you to tighten or loosen the shoe depending on your favorite fit adjustment. The breathable EcoOrthoLite sock liner ensures that the shoe fits your feet well while providing more comfort as you walk and run.

Just as in other more expensive Puma shoes, the Tazon 5 also features a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) stability shank. A comparison between ordinary rubber shanks and TPU shanks reveal that TPU’s are more resistant to wear, tear and abrasion. This makes the shoe more durable.

Comfort and stability

The Tazon 5 comes with a cushioned midsole that ensures that your feet will comfortably fit in these shoes. The TPU shank also goes a long way in increasing the shoe’s stability. When temperatures rise as you run, your feet will still be kept cooler, thanks to the EcoOrthoLite sock liner that allows for added ventilation, ensuring air moves in and out of the shoe efficiently.


The outsole is made of rubber, and is grippy enough to provide excellent traction. Moreover, the saddle midfoot provides more comfort. Amazingly, despite the shoes heavy profile, it still maintains a sleek and streamlined design that attracts many. The EVA heel greatly improves the performance of the shoe while providing more comfort.

Weight and comfort

The Puma Men’s Tazon 5 cross-training shoe is a little heavier than other cross training shoes, Puma-Mens-Tazon-5-3but not by much. It weighs 12.2oz, which is not too heavy and will not restrict your training ability at all. The comfort of the shoe is surprisingly good, with soft inners really molding around your feet well. Even if you train really hard you will love the feel of these shoes on your feet.

Highlights of the Tazon 5

  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Sleek, streamlined silhouette
  • Rubber outsoles that provide durability
  • Lace closures for a tighter fit
  • Cushioned midsole for comfort
  • Eco Ortholite sock liners

Last thoughts on the Puma Men’s Tazon 5 cross-training shoe

The Tazon 5 cross-training shoe certainly goes a long way to making your training sessions that much easier and more effective. Despite their low cost, the show still favorably competes with other more expensive running shoes in the market today, and has received many positive comments from users of the shoe.


Puma is a reputable brand and has been in the market since 1996, continuously producing high quality shoes and clothing. The answer is Puma Men’s Tazon 5 cross-training shoe offers the design qualities and comfort you want from a shoe like this, and at a really good price.





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