Adidas Duramo 6 Running Shoe Review

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Adidas Duramo 6Adidas has been making quality running shoes for a long time, they have a lot of knowledge and experience in this market. The Adidas Duramo 6 is a great example of this; it gives you the quality and performance you need for your training sessions, and at the right price.

Being a middle budget shoe, it offers a great deal of comfort and support for your feet when you run. Their design will let you comfortably hit the gym, run around a track and sprint with no limitations whatsoever. The shoe is available for both men and women, and it comes in a range of different colors for both.

Both the men’s and women’s Duramo 6 shoes feature slight modifications to previous models, especially in the sole where the women’s version features a flat arch heel. The shoe is an upgrade of Duramo 5, featuring enhanced color options to choose from and full length ADIPRENE+ in its midsole.

A closer look at the Adidas Duramo 6 running shoe

Design features

The ADIWEAR technology in the outsole gives the shoe a long lasting life. The Adidas exclusive technology gives the outsole a non-marking rubber touch that is well known for its high wear resistance. To give maximum grip while on action, the shoe includes TRAXION technology in its outsole.

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The Duramo 6 also boasts flex grooves in the underfoot, a feature that was not present in its predecessor. The grooves provide a free natural movement and great traction. The shoe is quite responsive, thanks to the anatomically designed foot bed, facilitating a soft and smooth transition between the toe off and the heal strike.

On the upper body, a mesh design ensures air movement in and out the shoe, preventing your Adidas-Duramo-6-2feet from sweating even in hot weather. Synthetic overlays come in handy to provide structured support.

Comfort and stability

One noticeable feature in the Duramo 6 is the full length ADIPRENE+ in the midsole. Apparently, this technology delivers more comfort by providing more cushioning and rebound. Moreover, the midsole feature an EVA polymer that forms the rubber foam part in the midsole. Not only is EVA more comfortable than other synthetic materials used to make the midsole, but also lighter and more eco-friendly.

Weight of the shoe

Two factors conflict here, weight versus durability. In most cases, the lightest shoes get light but compromise on their durability. The Adidas Duramo 6 is designed for durability, rather than weight, balancing the overall performance of the shoe. The men’s version weights approximately 270 grams while the women’s version weighs around 250 grams.



  • Thick and textured outsole
  • Adiwear technology for durability
  • Adiprene+ technology for increased flexibility
  • Lace up closure
  • Litestrike EVA midsole for maximum shock absorption
  • Flex grooves for smoother strides
  • Mesh structure in the upper
  • Great for shorter distances
  • Cushiony heel materialAdidas-Duramo-6-4
  • Normal/flat arch

Last thoughts on the Adidas Duramo 6

The Adidas Duramo 6 is an excellent choice for the casual runner, or anyone that needs a comfortable and supportive shoe to walk, run or train in. Despite its affordable cost, Adidas was still able to feature a lot of quality, comfort and stability in the design. The shoe’s durable design makes it to comfortably withstand off road environments, including rocky terrains.





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New Balance M1080V3 Running Shoe Review

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New Balance M1080V3The New Balance M1080V3 running shoes provide runners with a comfortable, flexible and fitting experience while training. Whenever something is ungraded, it means that improvements have taken place. All fans of the previous model, the New Balance M1080, will therefore be overwhelmed by the improvements made to this shoe.

The shoe is lighter than its predecessor, and boasts an arch cradling upper construction that provides extra cushioning as well as a tight comfortable fit. The M1080V3 is designed for men and women. The shoe is also quite flexible and you will find that the shoe will completely adjust to your feet’s shape without leaving spaces or squeezing your toes.

A closer look at the New Balance M1080V3

Design features

The M1080V3 features a Fantom Fit engineered design on its upper, providing ultra-light support and fit. While other running shoes use an extremely thick midsole for maximum cushioning and protection between your foot and the ground, the M1080V3 uses a Revlite midsole, one with a slim profile but provides as equal protection, with more cushion.

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Moreover, the T-beam technology incorporated in the midfoot shank improves inherent stability and flexibility. Above the midsole is an Airmesh upper that allows for temperature control between the inside and the outside of the shoe.

Comfort and stability

The shoe features a surprisingly low heal-to-toe drop of only 8mm. This makes it possible for accommodation of both midfoot and heel strikers. The Absorb Crash pad comes in handy to absorb shock during impact, or when landing while providing as much cushioning as possible.


To ensure full foot protection, the Absorb Strobel board extends to the shoe’s full length. The New Balance M1080V3 also boasts a not-so-common technology, the Nitreogen-infused cushioning system (N-2) that is more durable and responsive, while maintain a low profile to the ground.

Weight of the shoe

The New Balance M1080V3 has an average weight for a good quality running shoe. It comes withNew-Balance-M1080V3-3 a net weight of 10.2 oz, and will ensure that not too much resistance is given when you run for longer distances.

Running style

The shoes’ sturdy design makes it suitable for neutral running. They are also perfect for trail, track, long runs, short distances etc. You can also wear them during your various workout programs, both indoor and outdoor.

Additional features

  • Blown rubber outsole
  • No-sew material application
  • T-beam shank
  • ACTEVA Lite midsole
  • Dual density collar foam
  • Availability of reflective elements enhancing visibility in low light
  • Breathable Airmesh upper

New-Balance-M1080V3-5Last thoughts on the New Balance M1080V3

The M1080V3 boasts a sleek design that allows for less material underfoot while still providing more cushioning and comfort. Also, the shoes’ design leads to a very diverse use, with it being ideal for a lot of different types of running and exercise.

The New Balance M1080V3 running shoe comes at an affordable price that will not strain your pocket. If you are looking for general purpose sports shoe at an affordable budget, then the M1080V3 is a shoe to consider.






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