October 2014

Best Running Shoes for Women


If you are a woman that loves to run, or you simply want a good pair of running shoes to do your Nike Dart 9 reviewexercise or walking in, then you certainly have a lot of options to choose from. Trying to determine the best running shoes for women doesn’t have to be that difficult if you know exactly what type of shoes are best for your feet, and what you actually need the shoes for.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the best running shoes for women that are currently available, and help you get a better idea of the variety that you can expect to see, and the kind of quality that you should look for. You do not have to spend a lot of money either to get yourself a really good quality pair of shoes, so do not think that you have to be spending well over $100 to get yourself a nice pair of running shoes.

Some of the best running shoes for women currently available

Asics Gel-Exalt

Asics certainly know what their customers want, and they keep on delivering high quality running shoes time after time. The women’s Gel-Exalt running shoe is a great example of this, and with this shoe Asics has provided the kind of quality that any female runner would want on their feet. The attention to detail throughout the design is apparent as soon as the shoe is put on.


The Asics women’s Gel-Exalt running shoe does a lot more than just provide comfort and stability for your feet. It will enhance your performances too due to the high-tech design features the shoe incorporates, and will allow you to run and exercise without restriction. You can read a more detailed review on the women’s Asics Gel-Exalt running shoe here

Nike Flex Run 2014

The Nike flex Run 2014 for women offers a lightweight mesh upper that allows for sufficient Womens-Nike-Flex-Run-2014-1ventilation for the feet. It also helps to keep the weight down for the shoe, which makes a lot of difference when you are running longer distances. The aim of this shoe was to provide a comfortable and stable environment for a female runners feet, and Nike has done an excellent job of achieving this.

The partial mesh inner of the show will provide that added level of comfort for the foot as it molds and wraps around the forefoot of the runner. This allows you to run on harder surfaces such as roads and tracks without getting that jarring feeling that many other running shoes have. To read a more comprehensive review on the women’s Nike flex Run 2014 running shoe click here

Nike Free Run 5.0

Nike-womens-Free-Run-5.0-2Another excellent option from Nike is their women’s Free Run 5.0 shoe, which offers a minimalistic design along with some excellent features. This shoe will appeal to a wide range of female runners, and is ideal for many kinds of running too. This versatility that the shoe provides has made it a really popular choice with women runners, and even women that just want a comfortable shoe to walk around in.

Nike always look to improve the performance of the wearer in their range of shoes, and the Nike Free Run 5.0 is no exception to this. There is a massive range of colors to choose from, so whatever your preference is you should be able to find a color scheme on the shoe that matches your taste. Read a full review on the women’s Nike Free Run 5.0 shoe here

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So these are three of the best running shoes for women that you will find around at the moment. There are other options too that would certainly appeal to many female runners, we have a lot of detailed reviews here on so you can see the variety and quality available to you.

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