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New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Running Shoe Review

Saturday, July 26th, 2014:

The New Balance Fresh Foam 980 launched earlier in 2014 and many runners are excited about the shoe that is boasting a new innovative design. The team at New Balance configured the Fresh Foam 980 using computer software in response to actual data that runners provided during their testing. The result is a shoe that fits comfortably around the entire foot, and provides the comfort and stability you need as a runner. Design features of the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 The midsole of the New Balance Fresh Foam 980 shoe features concave and convex hexagonal structures that are designed […] Read More →

Saucony Mirage 4 Running Shoe Review

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014:

Recently Saucony launch their newest product, the Saucony Mirage 4 running shoe. This versatile shoe can be used by runners of all types, whether you prefer longer road races and training or a weekly workout at your local gym. There are so many reasons why one would want to get the Saucony Mirage 4. It offers improvement on certain features to its predecessor the Mirage 3. What you will notice as soon as you pull this shoe on is just how light it is, and also the comfort it provides around the entire foot. Design features of the Saucony Mirage […] Read More →

Asics Gel Electro 33 Running Shoe Review

Thursday, July 17th, 2014:

The new Asics Gel Electro 33 running shoe can be used for your training needs or simply as a comfortable casual walking shoe. Variety is one of the top features of Asics shoes, and the Electro 33 certainly fits into that mould. Recently the brand decided to revamp their Natural33 line of shoes. The Asics Gel Electro 33 is one of the new additions into the line, and has been well received by runners of all levels. The design of the shoes will help you optimize your running sessions, and look good at the same time too. Design features of […] Read More →

Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 Running Shoe Review

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014:

Whatever kind of running you do you will always need a good pair of running shoes. The Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 running shoes will give you a very stable and cushioned platform on which to run with. The shoes have a very distinct design that adds a lot of style to the quality build. Designed for road running, your feet will certainly appreciate the cushioning provided by the soles of these shoes as you pound on the hard service. A closer look at the Pearl iZumi EM Road N1 Design of the shoe When it comes to the design […] Read More →

Woman’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Running Shoe Review

Sunday, July 13th, 2014:

There are a lot of really good quality running shoes available for women now, so the choice is vast and can be quite difficult because of this. One of the most popular running shoes has been the women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12. This is a road running shoes that has a lot of added cushioning so that you are as comfortable as possible when running on harder surfaces. A closer look at the women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 Design features Everyone wants to look good even when out doing the toughest of workout routines. Brook’s Adrenaline clearly does not compromise […] Read More →

Brooks Trance 12 Men’s Running Shoe Review

Saturday, July 12th, 2014:

The Brooks Trance 12 men’s running shoe is design for enhanced stability and protection for the feet. The added DNA cushioning does not make the shoe chunky and too heavy considering the added support it now provides. The materials used are very high quality, premium standard, so the shoe is also extremely durable. The Brooks Trance 12 men’s runner is perfect for those who want extra support and protection for their feet. With added features such as the Brooks BioMogo midsole which is actually biodegradable, has been designed to provide the stability you need across the feet, while at the […] Read More →

Hoka One One Bondi 3 Running Shoe Review

Thursday, July 10th, 2014:

The type of running shoe you wear dictates how your running experience will be like. It is therefore important to have a shoe that will bring the best out of your running experience. The Hoka One One Bondi 3 running shoe, introduces a hard to forget feeling to ones running experience. With this shoe, you one is assured of natural movement of when running. This shoes has design features that significantly reduces fatigue from your running experience. This 3rd generation design of the Bondi model from Hoka One One has been upgraded to ensure more stability and comfort for the […] Read More →

New Balance M1260v4 NBX Running Shoe Review

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014:

The New Balance M1260v4 NBX is another innovative running shoe from the impressive NB range. This shoe provides ample cushioning, with smoother and more reliable support for your feet when compared to the previous series; it has indeed raised the bar further still when it comes to running shoes. The stability and cushioning has been improved in order to provide the wearer with a comfortable feel during training. Whether you like to run on the road, or at your gym on a treadmill or on an off-road track, the M1260v4 NBX will make the experience that much more comfortable for […] Read More →

Some of the Best Running Shoes for 2014

Monday, July 7th, 2014:

So far during 2014 we have seen some incredible new running shoes that have been released, with still more to come as the year progresses. Shoes from some of the more well-known brands have been a popular choice for runners, as have some running shoes from some brands that are not as prominent yet in this crowded market place. In this article we are going to take a look at some of the new running shoes in 2014 so you can get an idea of what is available and the new innovative design elements that are being introduced to some […] Read More →

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